By Express News Service
With only a few weeks left for Christmas, people in the city have begun to stock up their favourite cakes. However, numbers suggest that customers prefer home-baked cakes to brand cakes this festive season.
Anoop George, who runs a homemade pastry business here, informed “I have already received cake orders for 40 kg. We expect more orders this season as more people have begun to show a keen interest in home-baked cakes.”
He added that homemade cakes are not limited to plum and rum flavors. They also include apple-cinnamon, banana-walnut and marble cakes.
Greeshma Maria Varghese, a part-time baker and software engineer said that her collective cake orders have jumped to a whopping 50 kg from 22 kg last year.
“The key ingredient in branded cakes is margarine, a substitute for butter, made using vegetable oil and animal fat, the excessive consumption of which can cause heart attacks and strokes. We prefer to use butter itself,” clarified Greeshma.
Vinoshnee Shankar, Chief facilitator of De’ Pastry school, one of the renowned schools in the city that teaches the art and science of baking, reaffirms customers preferance for home-baked cakes “even if they have to pay more for the higher quality, not to mention the delectability factor.” She adds that customers also like to customize their cakes with chosen ingredients to match their taste.”
Vimal Thomas, a college student commented, “The advantage of such cakes is that as a customer, I am aware of the ingredients that go into the making of it. This way, I can regulate its amount. Also, there is a variety of cakes to choose from.”
Talking about the baking business as an income generator, Merilyn Mary Varghese, an ex student from De’ pastry school who supplies cakes to ‘Palaharam Bakery’ said “As a home-baker, I’m really satisfied with the job. It not only helps me earn a good income, but also gives me the pleasure of following my passion.”
Admitting to the fact that some of the customers are indeed taking to home-baked cakes this season, Anoop C P, Regional Manager, K R Bakers refuted claims that the trend is affecting the sales of branded cakes.
“We have a tried and tested recipe and we don’t compromise on quality. Those who make bulk orders will always prefer a branded cake, which are of standardized size, shape and taste. So our sales is least affected by the home-baked cakes.”