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De’ pastry school offers a range of pastry and baking courses.The syllabus has been developed carefully to give maximum knowledge and skill required in modern baking for beginners , bakers, entrepreneurs and passionate.

We are the first private institution giving lessons on baking cakes,bread,chocolate cookies including practicals with industrial and domestic standards in Kerala. Read More

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Pastry School offer a variety of classes for students of all levels.
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A must say incredible baking school in Cochin …amazing learning environment with individual attention.This was my first baking class and I truly loved the completely hands-on class. It was an absolute delight to learn from the super talented and extremely humble Vino Ma’am. Thanks for being a wonerful teacher and anserwing all my queries with so much patience. Hope to attend more sessions soon! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn quality baking!

Rithu Joy Sheejith

Haven’t been there but seems like the place to be if you have got a passion for baking. Would love to learn from there if I get a chance

Harshi Thakkar

A perfect baking school. Done my level 3 baking, bread making, cake decoration , biscuts & cookies and dessert lessons from de’pastry. Vino ma’am is very helpful and makes you feel at home

Bany Esther Joseph

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Home-baked cake this Christmas?

Home-baked cake this Christmas?

By Express News Service With only a few weeks left for Christmas, people in the city have begun to stock up their favourite cakes. However, numbers suggest that customers prefer home-baked cakes to brand cakes this festive season. Anoop George, who runs a homemade pastry business here, informed “I have already received cake orders for 40 kg. We expect more…

Malay mistress of French pastry woos Malayali customers

Malay mistress of French pastry woos Malayali customers

From Malaysia to Kerala is a long way, culturally and linguistically. But Vinoshni Shankar soon aced Malayalam with the ease of a pro. She would listen to the non-stop prattle of her sisters-in-law and now she speaks the languag fluently. Meet the ‘pastrypreneur’ who rakes in Rs 1 lakh a month as profit, thanks to her culinary skills. Though happily…

Buying Pastry Boxes

Buying Pastry Boxes

Pastry boxes are your simple standard boxes that can have a see through or closed lid. These boxes offer a delicate and unique way to store and deliver your fine pastries. These boxes can be used to accommodate varies pastries including; croissants, tarts, glazed buns, donuts and cakes including sliced cakes, muffins and brownies. Pastry boxes are your simple standard…

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